Strasburg Township
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On-Lot Sewage Management

The pumping district schedule is only for the initial management of the program and can be modified if you had your system pumped after November 2014.    If you had your system pumped after November of 2014, please contact your pumper to complete the required Strasburg Township Inspection Report form.   Once obtained from the pumper, please submit a copy of that report along with a one-time check for  $25 per property pumped payable to Strasburg Township.   Any subsequent pump-outs will be 3 years from that reported pumping.

If you have 2 or less permanent occupants at your property, you may qualify for a 5 year extension. Please complete the “Pumping Cycle Extension” form below and submit to the office with the required documentation. This does not exclude you from meeting the initial pumping requirement. You may mail the form to  Strasburg Township, 400 Bunker Hill Road, Strasburg, PA 17579 or email to